Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

So, I’ve been meaning to write a new post for a few days now.


It just seems like that never worked out, and I kept postponing it to “tomorrow.” Well, today is that tomorrow – for the tenth day running – so I pushed myself to actually write something.

But, I guess forcing yourself to write something, or to do anything for that matter, just doesn’t work. So I hit another stumbling block. An important one.

I don’t have a clue what to write about!

Well, to be honest I do. There’s a million things going through my head. A myriad of topics that I could write about, that I could discuss, even joke about. The problem is I can’t get myself around to starting on any of them. I don’t know where to start, I don’t know how to analyze those topics, I don’t quite know what I want my point to be. (Because let’s be honest, I need a point. I can’t pull another one of these posts.)

So I choose to write about nothing. About the fact that I have nothing to write about. That I don’t have the energy to write about anything. And so far it’s going well. I think I might have actually gotten away with it too. Maybe.

Well, I guess I need to keep my promises to myself so I don’t find myself in this position again any time soon. To write as things come to my head. To make notes in that notebook I carry around with me. Maybe that would have helped have something else to write about. Something other than nothing.

Today is my kid brother’s birthday. He is turning 31, so not really a kid in the conventional sense but always a kid to me. So, Happy Birthday junior! 

Also, I had an amazing linguistic exchange today with a blogger I follow. Long story short, my word for the day is Guffaw. Feel free to check out their blog.

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