Life is a movie

I am a big TV and movies fan. I do not deny it. I do not try to hide it. I refuse to apologize for it. I would be perfectly happy sitting on a comfortable couch and watching my favorite TV shows or a movie, doing absolutely nothing else and worrying about nothing. Or going to the movies and indulging in the beauty and magic of the big screen – ideally sharing a huge bucket of popcorn with a friend or a loved one and immersing myself in the world that the film I happen to be watching creates. Oh, and no cultural productions and deep thought movies – I like Hollywood and the blunt entertainment it offers.

Now, the TV series I am currently watching are a-plenty. Mostly fun comedies, a few dramas, some action series, all in all a good mix (at least that’s what I think). But because there’s just so many of them, their quality and reviews varying from episode to episode and across seasons, as well as their “livelihood” being unpredictable by nature (some get cancelled without warning; remember Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory and Firefly?), it is a bit hard to create a list of all-time favorites. Not impossible, but when creating such a list it is good to have something that can stand on its own. Without comparison to earlier seasons or episodes. Perhaps with the need to have some background, but not necessarily.

So, I’ll try to present my top five (plus one) movies, and their trailers or a favorite scene. At least the five I can think of right now. I also need to clarify that this list is not in any particular order, and movie series were included only if each movie can stand on its own.


So here goes:


High Fidelity (2000)


Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)


The Party (1968)


Back to the Future (1985)


Good Night, and Good Luck (2005)


and my plus one:


Mary Poppins


What’s your favorite movie (or movies?)

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