Living a full life

MS takes a toll on you. Physically and emotionally. The physical part there is not much one can do about. Someone diagnosed with a chronic disease will have to accept (notice I am not saying surrender to – but more on this later) the fact that their condition will deteriorate as time passes. Deteriorate in various degrees and forms.

I started this blog with the intention of showing people that MS will not stop me in my tracks, and is not a “death sentence.” However, I thought that simply showing how strong someone with MS can be would give the wrong impression, and people also need to see the difficulties in living with MS.

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The soundtrack to life

Music plays a huge role in our lives, whether we admit to it or not. It sets and describes our mood, it helps with memory formation, forms associations with people and situations. What’s more, no one person’s exact set of music preferences are likely to match another’s, so there seems to be good sense in arguing that it defines a person – not necessarily their character or outlook, but rather their uniqueness.

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